Malshiras constituency

Malshiras constituency

Malshiras (constituency number 254) is one of the eleven Vidhan Sabha constituencies located in the Solapur district. It covers the entire Malshiras tehsil of this district.

Malshiras is part of the Madha Lok Sabha constituency along with five other Vidhan Sabha segments, namely- Madha, Sangole and Malshiras in the Solapur district and Phaltan and Maan in the Satara district.

Malshiras’ economy is Agri-driven. Most of the population is living on agriculture, Daily transport of their products such as vegetables, Grains & Flowers nowadays done by the private vehicles that run the trips to the city of Pune and get earnings for the farmers. Many of the farmers are now approaching to the modern technology, be it dripping or equipped with the latest tools and techniques to get the maximum use of the resources. Many are staying outstations to earn incomes for their families and rest of the family members are cultivating fields.

Majority of the people rely on water which is available in the wells and canals and their sub-canals. It has four Sugar factories located nearby town named Sadashivnagar, Yashwant Nagar in Akluj, Pandurang sugar factory in Mahalung-shreepur and last one in Malinagar.

Malshiras currently has got no representation in the assembly as MLA Hanumant Dolas passed away recently.

The upcoming Vidhan Sabha election will offer a chance the people of Malshiras to elect their new MLA. The people will give their mandate for the strong and successful goverment of Devendra Fadnavis and leadership of Natendra Modi.

Malshiras constituency

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